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A Finger On God’s Hand – T.R.3

A Finger On God’s Hand – T.R.3
A Finger On God’s Hand – T.R.3
🔥01. POV
🌊02. Walls Closing In (Green Mile)
🚒03. FR33 ft. 🔥Coley Xavier
🌊04. TAP IN
🚒05. Cassius Clay
💎06. Buyer’s Remorse
🔥08. Fecal Matters v2 ft. 💎Coley Xavier
🌊09. Curse Breaker
🔥10. The Story of Lil Murk
👍11. Ghostofatlanta
🌊12. morals.
30 seconds of intro instrumental and then I’m like “Damn, this dude is yelling at me”. You don’t normally hear such a hyped up voice that is actually delivering bar content. This project really has a bit of everything, from battle rap punches, to spiritual soul searching, to stories from the street. T.R.3 would have been a blues club legend 60 years ago with his not quite raspy voice, now sitting squarely on top of some very creative and ever changing beats. This is rap, but not so plain and simple. The cadences and schemes on track 8 specifically are groovy and complex. One listen through this album will have you nodding your head, but a few more and you’ll start to pick up on what T.R.3 accomplished throughout this one.
9/10 – Euphonic
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