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The Loyal – Tony Yayo

The Loyal – Tony Yayo
The Loyal – Tony Yayo
👍🏾01. Get Indicted Hotline
😴02. Clown You When You’re Down
🔥03. Rocket Chamber f. 🚒Lloyd Banks
👍🏾04. War Material
🔥05. Line Me OK
🚛06. New Generation Cartel
🗑07. Kill Switch f. Pressa
🗑08. Bag Mover f. TyDaG
👎🏾09. Ghost Gun
🔥10. Banksy Painting
💤11. Savage Era f. 🔥Nems
🌊12. Spin Back on the Opp
Intro is about rappers that get themselves caught up by saying too much, then immediately he follows with a song about the things hes done. He flexing how much he got but using very specific broke comparisons, something about talking nobu vs grocery store sushi just tells me he had a very broke moment that we missed. He also sounds very worried about getting locked up, and other rappers exposing themselves online. Project has more downs than up, the worst part is all the new age attempt stuff, as if he hasn’t been around in forever. The good is when he does what he used to do and nothing else. Im not sure if my memory is fried or not but lowkey I don’t remember him sounding this much like 50. He sounds like someone doing an impression of 50 with the bullet in his tooth. Id pass on most of this.
3.5/10 – John D.
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