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Still Making History – JR Writer

Still Making History – JR Writer
Still Making History – JR Writer
🔥01. Relax
🔥02. Don’t Confuse Me
🌊03. Kill Switch
🔥04. Can’t Stay Away f. Dave East
🌊05. You Need Anymore
🔥06. You Know Why I’m Here f. 38 Spesh
🔥07. What We Talking For
🔥08. Only the Real f. Fred Money
🚒09. Legends Only f. Jadakiss
🔥10. Hope You Know
If you came for raps, THATS EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK YOU GET. From the first second to the last, this man is rapping like the industry did him dirty and his career focus is to rap his way out of that hatred and pain. Punching all over, talking some industry shit, and keeping the sound super dope, vintage but lowkey relevant. Features came to rap. That Kiss song, man that shit made me wanna put on a black Iverson jersey go out and start sonning children at my local park courts, and then fight they parents. Project is dope, rap like this need to come back and fight them stupid ass drill informant self snitching shoot everyone out of fear ass rappers who do them stiff ass sped up cheerleader dances. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.
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