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Glockoma 2 – Key Glock

Glockoma 2 – Key Glock
Glockoma 2 – Key Glock
😴01. Dirt
👎🏾02. Work
🆗03. Randy Orton
💤04. Chromosomes
🔥05. 2 For 1
🗑06. Pop My Shit
🚛07. Designer Down
🆗08. From Nothing
👍🏾09. Key Rex
🆗10. In & Outta Town
🌊11. F**k Dat Shit
🚛12. Money Over Hoes
💤13. Ratchet
🆗14. Homicide Gvng
🚛15. F**k A Feature
Its funny because at first glance and looking at this projects tracklist I was impressed by this no feature thing. Even the last song title had me convinced. Then I started listening. He desperately needs them. Project is ass. When its not ass, its boring, the 2 good songs on here get a pass for him going full ignorant. Outside of that its just boring generic cookie cutter aggro thug super street rap using all the industry terms and flows that will most likely lead to a future RICO charge. I don’t make the rules, but yea this one is not good enough even for background music. He seems like he knows hes gonna get streams and money so why try. I don’t blame him. If this is your bag, then you probably had full access to a phone or Ipad since birth and are now entering your mid teens. At this point is it even cool to have things like guns, money and women? Throw this out.
3/10 – John D.
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