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Death Row Summer 2022 – Snoop Dogg

Death Row Summer 2022 – Snoop Dogg
Death Row Summer – Snoop Dogg
🆗01. Keep on Riding (ft. Butch Cassidy & Dogg Pound)
👎🏿02. Bad (ft. Tha Eastsidaz)
👍🏿03. Touch Away (ft. October London)
👎🏿04. Bron & Bronny (ft. Champ Medici)
🔥05. Everybody Watching (ft. Raphael Saadiq, Miguel)
🚒06. Mulholland Drive (ft. October London, Latoiya Williams)
🔥07. Mad Mans World (ft. JANE HANDCOCK)
🌊08. World Go Round (ft. Uncle Chucc)
🆗09. Whoopty Whoop (ft. Tha Dogg Pound)
🆗10. Higher Power (ft. 84faces)
👍🏿11. Put You Thru Hell (ft. Minnie Merda)
🌊12. Baila Conmigo (ft. October London)
🆗13. Verbalize (ft. Stokely)
👎🏿14. Wait a Minute Baby (ft. Raphael Saadiq, J-Black, October London)
🆗15. Runnin (ft. HeyDeon)
Straight out the box, this is for the 30 plus crowd fasho & not in a bad way. Like it literally feels like time traveling with Snoop Dog as the Uber driver. With that said, for me, I was only there for the soul joints. All the rest either lyrically doesn’t touch me or simply didn’t resonate with me. Other than that, I appreciate being introduced to these artists, cause they are definitely fire. #’s 5-8 are definitely in rotation.
7/10 – T.R.3
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