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No Thank You – Little Simz

No Thank You – Little Simz
No Thank You – Little Simz
🚒01. Angel
🚒02. Gorilla
🔥03. Slihouette
🌊04. No Merci
🔥05. X
🔥06. Heart on Fire
💎07. Broken
🚒08. Sideways
🌊09. Who Even Cares
🌊10. Control
She has no business being this dope. This project seems to be the product of her finally getting out of deal and doing what she wants. When I say doing what she wants I mean it, she does it all on here. She spitting real stuff, controversial stuff, uncomfortable stuff and just some very deeply thought out content. While never straying from her flows, punchlines and artistry. This one of those ones that get slept on and really shouldnt, her fame just doesnt add up to where it should be, the fact that shes a women in the game rapping like this should push her towards the top easily. Lowkey that chip might be keeping her this sharp tho, so its the gift and the curse I guess. Either way this is easily in rotation, I don’t care if you hate female rappers or UK folks, bump this.
9.8/10 – John D.
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