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Book of David – Dave East, Buda & Grandz & DJ Drama

Book of David – Dave East, Buda & Grandz & DJ Drama
Book of David – Dave East, DJ Drama, Buda & Grandz
🔥 1. Pray
🚒 2. Chills
🚒 3. Trouble
🔥 4. FTWTD
🚒 5. Rules
🔥 6. Gangsta
🌊 7. GODbody
🔥 8. Seen A Lot
🔥 9. Prison Yard
🔥 10. Eyes Can See
🔥 11. Egyptian Kings
🔥 12. Aggravated
🌊 13. Disrespectful
🚒 14. 10 Toes (Interlude)
🔥 15. Call The Promoters
🌊 16. Eternal
🚒 17. HEAVY (Bonus)
Ain’t nothing like hearing DJ Drama yelling on your track mixtape style. This project was phenomenal. This album hits you in the face with the most top tier quality production you can get. The pacing was solid and the contrast between Dave East and the Buda & Grandz duo worked so perfectly, that it didn’t even need features. Plus as stated before DJ Drama is yelling on your project, who needs features? All that aside, the subject matter on these songs really hit, while still keeping it real street and it’s just the type of music you can bump while working out, mobbin around your city or if you a gangsta, gangsta, you can bump this around your homies and I guarantee they will fuck with it. Don’t sleep on this one!
9/10 – RecklessDWR
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