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Something Greater Than Myself – The Bad Seed

Something Greater Than Myself – The Bad Seed
Something Greater Than Myself – The Bad Seed
🌊01. Prelude
🔥02. Bombs Over Sodom
🔥03. Struggle 1st
🔥04. Lawn Furniture
🔥05. Skinny Biggie
🚒06. Slidddon
🌊07. Top Shelf
💎08. FA & FO
🌊09. Adulting
🔥10. Red & Meth
🌊11. Grateful
🚒12. Chin Up Bar
🔥13. Airborne
🌊14. Diddy Bop King
🔥15. Divine
🌊16. Water
🔥17. Hello Down There..ft. 🌊Yogi
This joint almost had me brown bagging on the stoop wit a city college degree. This is music for people who hate the summer, cold and hard, but a lot of that comes from the tone which is east coast as hell. Bad Seed has a super conversational flow, so even on the more aggressive tracks you feel like he’s talking to you. Content runs the gamut from hand to hand drug deals to the purposeful revisionist history of the black culture in America. There are so many different producers on this album and they all showed up, like it was a competition to see who could be the sickest on the project. The combination of a lot of the beats with Bad Seeds cadence gives you an impending sense of doom, like you’re gonna turn a corner and the verse is gonna bite your head off. For true hip hop heads, it doesn’t get much more solid than this.
9.9/10 – Euphonic
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