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Scared 2 Love – 2KBABY

Scared 2 Love – 2KBABY
Scared 2 Love – 2KBABY
🌊01. Angel
🌊02. Don’t Love ME Now f. charlieonnafriday
🌊03. Rain
🔥04. Mood Swings
👍🏾05. IDKY
🔥06. I Left
👍🏾07. Fireworks
🌊08. 40’s and 9’s
🌊09. You Don’t Know The Half
🆗10. Gone
👍🏾11. Stand Love
🌊12. Overdue
This industry plant stuff with a purpose. Sometimes they grab someone who wants to be more and I cannot be mad at it. Yes hes saying the typical industry stuff you would expect but its how hes saying it and the beats hes saying it on. The beats got a sadboy vibe so they won me over, especially with that mainstream hope quality. He may sound like hes not saying too many actual words, and the pitches hit that baby frequency at times too but I promise you at minimum these melodies and him weaving in and out of pitches mixing it up will make you not want to turn it off. Sonically its a good time. Pacing works on that front too. He also carries this, only 1 feature and the rest is all him. He has potential to drop something super dope, once he drops the doing this for the views and money a bit and ads a splash of doing this to showcase talent and maybe wanting more. Who knows? In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.
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