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Forever 23 2x – JayDaYoungan

Forever 23 2x – JayDaYoungan
Forever 23 2x – JayDaYoungan
🆗01. Gossip
👎🏾02. Fentanyl
🔥03. Dirty Soul
😴04. Plays Callin
🆗05. Gunpowder
👍🏾06. Tragic
👎🏾07. My Love
🆗08. Switch
😴09. Clout
👍🏾10. Head Hurt
😴11. I’m In Love
👍🏾12. What Up
🌊13. Bastard
😴14. Nobody Else
🆗15. Me & My Brudda f. Fg Famous
👍🏾16. Goodbye
This is a cookie cutter industry plant artist. Over cookie cutter industry plant beats. Using cookie cutter industry plant words in his raps. This review will be as cookie cutter as possible. This is isn’t even like 2K music, this is the soundtrack for an indie cricket video game, or like lacrosse games if they still make them. He doesn’t sound bad but thats literally all I can give him, if the melody and the beat hit thats all he gets. Outside of that everything else is below average, typical radio waste. This the stuff kids sort through on Tik Tok to try to make things go viral but they have no idea it costs money, they just using this mess and shooting for the stars. Its not bad but its not good, if someone argues this, they have to be related to him or work for whichever factory he comes from.
3/10 – John D.
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