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Goat Farm – Shottie & Tev95

Goat Farm – Shottie & Tev95
Goat Farm – Shottie & Tev95
🔥01. Welcome To the GOAT FARM
🔥02. Keep It Pushin
🔥03. Terp Talk f. GRAFH
🔥04. My Plug
🔥05. No Flex
🔥06. Smoke Shop Jesus
🔥07. Taco Tuesday
🔥08. Brick & Mortar
🔥09. All Sales Final
🔥10. Squib Games f. Dashius Clay & Mandella Eskia
🔥11. Sincerely Yours (GOAT)
Project is dope. This is straight to the point raps. He talking slick, he talking nice, he punching, but also dropping a bit of knowledge and gems. You can tell he working with production he really fucks with because it really doesn’t change. The beats change but the vibe does not, and they all open enough for him to just talk his shit on. As much as I did enjoy this, theres is a fine line between simplicity and it hitting and lowkey just not trying to break out of comfort. If dude maybe added some seasoning on some hooks, maybe even let some samples take lead, and throw in a couple flow switch-ups or even a beat that don’t fit this particular bag. I am not sure if its possible because of how good he is at what he delivered. Not bad tho, I wanna see some progress next time, maybe even some risks but either way I am going to bump this a few times just to raise my blood pressure and those of the folks around me. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.
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