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Talking To the Stars – Gremlin

Talking To the Stars – Gremlin
Talking To the Stars – Gremlin
🌊01. Talking To the Stars
🔥02. Whiskey Over Ice
🌊03. The Breakup
🔥04. I’m Tryin’ f. Michael Minelli
🔥05. Late Night Drives f. Cryptic Wisdom
🔥06. Nights Alone f. Zaid Tabani
🌊07. At What Cost
🌊08. Broken People f. Devaroux
🌊09. Find My Way
🌊10. The Way Love Made Me
🔥11. More Than You Think
🔥12. The Void
🌊13. Metamorphosis
🌊14. Something To Prove f. Andie Case
🔥15. Too Many Days f. Futuristic
🌊16. Invisible
Project is solid, very emotional, very sad, but also kind of uplifting at times. You do get to a point like 10 tracks deep where you feel like, ok your moms been crying mad long and your brother might be a trouble maker so you gotta just accept that money probably wont help those things. The production is top tier sadboy stuff. The features all show up too. The things that didn’t raise the bar for me tho was the content kinda getting stale, the project being a bit long, and from start to finish you cant help but feel like a little bit of flash or sauzon would take some of these songs way higher. Amongst great ideas and production he still kinda sounds a bit stiff like hes only been rapping a handful of years. He really only shows out a bit on track 15 which will remind you that the project needs like 3 more of those for balance. Not bad tho, in rotation for sure, I just feel like the sadness is being forced and wont hit with everyone.
7.2/10 – John D.
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