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Peace of Mind II – Lacy the Great

Peace of Mind II – Lacy the Great
Peace of Mind II – Lacy the Great
🎼01. Peace of mind Intro
🌊02. Merchandise
🔥03. Two Step f. Blaze TheBrownNumen
🔥04. Bass f. Haywood
🌊05. Dhl
🌊06. Cappers
🎼07. Tommy Oliver (Interlude)
🔥08. Evil Green Ranger f. Blaze TheBrownNumen
🌊09. Dog in Me
🔥10. In my defense f. Haywood
🔥11. Bitterness
This got Chance the Rapper energy, but without all the lightskin privilege and all that recent simp shit. The vibe of this is very unique, its like hip hop for black owned speakeasy’s. Off rip this dude rapping his ass off and putting together hooks, he mixing in honesty, metaphors, demands, just all sorts of shit that you can tell he needs you to hear. Features showed up but I really could use more with Blaze, they was really bringing tracks to life with dope contrast sonically but with similar content. One thing that stood out on a few tracks was way too much silence after songs ended, it will throw you off guard a few times. Pacing otherwise is solid, it feels like part of a bigger picture as a whole and made me want to check out Pt. 1. Overall a good time, it managed to feel fresh but also slightly familiar in one listen. Production really helped push this. One of those ones that makes you want to dive into his peers, his hood and see what the scene they are apart of is like. In rotation.
7.7/10 – John D.
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