Gold Bricks -Elcamino

Gold Bricks – Elcamino

Gold Bricks – Elcamino
? 01. Intro
? 02. Knowledge Ft. ? Jae Skeese
? 03. Guns N Butter Ft. ? Trav
? 04. Brief Love Story Ft. ?Chanel
? 05. Prada Bitch Ft. ? Madhattan
? 06. Bloody Hearse Ft. ? Trav
? 07. Been Hustlin’ Ft. ? Jae Skeese
? 08. Outro
An El Camino is a car with a truck bed, and that’s fitting cause this album put me to sleep. Super boring beats with overall low production quality. There’s very little bar work on this jawn, shit track 4 featuring Chanel, didn’t even have Elcamino on it. The only listenable verses were the two features from Jae Skeese, and even those weren’t comparable to his solo work. This project feels like someone got high on a Friday and wanted a quick money grab so decided to make an album that would be out by Sunday. Elcamino Kind of sounds like Nas if he couldn’t rap. This one ain’t worth the time.
1.3/10 – Euphonic

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