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Chaos IS My Ladder – Ransom & V Don

Chaos IS My Ladder – Ransom & V Don
Chaos IS My Ladder – Ransom & V Don
🔥01. Hit List f. 38 Spesh
🚒02. All In f. Eto
🔥03. Blissful Agony f. J. Arr & Mad Squablz
🚒04. Lone Wolf
🌧️05. Calm Before the Storm
🔥06. A MostDreadful Symphony f. Crystal Caines
🔥07. Toxic Love
🔥08. Burning Bridges
🔥09. Chaotic Ceremony
🚒10. Short Notice f. Lloyd Banks
🚒11. Late Nights Early Mournings
Project is straight to the point in your face hip hop and thats only if you just listening to listen not to learn something. If you really listening this man not only throwing haymakers them shits is loaded with gems jewels vitamins and minerals. The beats are dope too and they were made to let him and the features breathe on it. Features came through for sure. One thing I will say is it feels like he made this quick. Tho its dope I feel like if he sit on something let it marinate or go full royce on book of ryan sober meditating and all that shit he will probably drop a sleeper album of whichever year it drops. In rotation.
9.7/10 – John D.
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