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Desperation of December – Ot the Real

Desperation of December – Ot the Real
📻1. Sparkz Intro
🔥2. Parasite
🚒3. Twelve 23
🔥4. Boom
🔥5. Memphis Street
📞6. Better Call Prince
🚒7. Game Over
🔥8. Ice Spice
This a quick white knuckles 6 piece. For something this short there is no reason for it to go this hard. This got the same energy of watching boxers on security cams getting into it with pedestrians. Its gritty, its one sided and its lowkey scary. I don’t know if he considers this a gift for the christmas weekend or not but I know that whichever family I am in contact with this weekend, whoever says anything remotely passive aggressive, im throwing hands. Make someone punch a christmas ham. I don’t even need a plate for my food, I want everything put inside of a bag of doritoes so I can roll it up, let it cook in a water warming contraption then eat it alone in a room. In rotation.
9.3/10 – John D.


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