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Wednesday Before Last – Chris Webby

Wednesday Before Last – Chris Webby
Wednesday Before Last – Chris Webby
🔥01. Superstar f. Justin Clancy
🔥02. Sauce
🔥03. Flyin f. Dizzy Wright
🔥04. Queso
🚒05. Elephant f. ANoyd & Jitta On the Track
🔥06. Know My Rights f. Xander Goodheart
🚒07. Bag f. Bun B & Paul Wall
🔥08. Zion
🔥09. Bad Day f. Millyz
🚒10. Feel This Way
🔥11. Too Fast
🔥12. Running In Circles f. Bria Lee
🔥13. Grenade f. Ekoh
🔥14. One Way Road
🚒15. Faded With a Stranger
🔥16. Friends
🚒17. Demons f. Caskey & JP
🔥18. Coyote f. Skrizzly Adams
🚒19. Euphoria
🌊20. Whistle
Project is an entire movie. Its incredible. Every track does not lack in passion, skill, love, blood, sweat, tears, if I missed something just know that its in this too. I don’t think anyone could say that this man doesn’t make good music. He does it all. Literally all of it. Punchlines, politics, personal, singing, and my favorite thing he does is go toe to toe with very elite features effortlessly. He has monsters on here and it never feels like the song isn’t his. Pacing is amazing, the feel behind it is amazing, like I honestly couldn’t tell you something that didn’t hit on here. All I could say is if this hit anymore it would be up there with my albums of the year. Gotta protect this dude because he easily could’ve hit the mainstream and changed on us, but he hasn’t, and has never stopped being himself. Everyone can take something from this, literally anyone and everyone. In rotation.
9.8/10 – John D.
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