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Thanks For Listening – Jarl Far

Thanks For Listening – Jarl Far
Thanks For Listening – Jarl Far
👍🏼1. The Float
👍🏼2. Drunken Master Feat. Kado THG
🌊3. Windows
🌊4. Umi Xifeng Feat. PCPG, Kado THG & $id
🔥5. The Winner’s Circle Feat. Nappavell & Jack Fro$t
This project was ok. Nothing that really blew me away. This man can rap, but a lot of these songs left a lot more to be desired. Despite his rapping being on point, I found myself not liking most of the hooks on here. This album had mad early SoundCloud rappers that have a lot of promise and possibly got all their beats from YouTube energy. It needed a lot of engineer love throughout. The features were decent, but didn’t really add much to the songs with the exception of the last track that was the best track of the whole album. All in all, I probably won’t be revisiting this project, but you might find some dope tracks on here to add to your playlist.
5/10 – RecklessDWR
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