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Incrementum – Tre’ Amani

Incrementum – Tre’ Amani
Incrementum – Tre’ Amani
🔥1. TImeless
🔥2. Flos
🔥3. Focus
🌊4. Sol f. Mallika Vie
🔥5. Rex Lee
🔥6. Dream Team
🔥7. Xpensive
🚒8. Lost and Found
Project is a good time. He got a big dude rap voice but he using in the most lightweight way. Not even a shot, its super smooth, upbeat and just overall great music. The production is dope and he works well with it. Pacing is dope because hes telling a bit of an overall story with little stories in the mix. This got like sprinkles of the early Drake and J.Cole era, lots of just moments that remind me of the lightskin renaissance. All works, this something that can easily be looped, It doesn’t even feel like 8 tracks. You got raps, soul, dope beats, flows, him paying homage, nostalgia all of that in this 8 piece. In rotation.
8.4/10 – John D.
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