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Paragon EP – JFliz & Onaje Jordan

Paragon EP – JFliz & Onaje Jordan

Paragon EP – JFliz & Onaje Jordan
🌊1. Heavy Duty f. DJ Decepta
🌊2. Flow Son
🔥3. Get Out The Way f. Crotona P
🔥4. One Reason
🌊5. Ran Wild f. DJ Decepta
🌊6. The Journey f. Tali Rodriguez & DJ Decepta
Project is solid. One small nitpick tho, dude is more rasp than anything else. Like his statline would be rasp 100, rah rah 100, but punchlines like 60 overall and delivery a 70. I needed these things to matchup because the production was incredible. Features came through too for the most part and for sure added dope contrast that was kinda needed at times. He was rapping don’t get it twisted, flowing all over this its just with how hard the cadence was going I needed the punches metaphors and all that to really hit me with that Drago punch. Not bad tho, good pacing, its short so you get a solid amount of replay value. Nothing to rave about but something to still tell a few of the homies. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.

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