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The Butterfly Effect – Phora

The Butterfly Effect – Phora
The Butterfly Effect – Phora
🌊01. All Falls Down
🔥02. Soul Ties f. Skye
🔥03. Dangerous
🔥04. Habitual Pain f. Garren
🔥05. Fall For You
🔥06. The Art of Healing f. Skye
🔥07. June 6th
🔥08. Low Sometimes
🔥09. Euphoria
🔥10. Everything I Never Said
🔥11. Sunset Drive f. Skye
🔥12. Late at Night
🔥13. Letter To My Unborn
🔥14. Find Hope
🚒15. Mirrors
This the long solo walk with a borrowed cigarette stage of relationships. This is about all of that sadness, from the lack of confidence before the relationship, to the sadness of the truth behind self healing, to the downfall fuck it stage. This is my vibe, this is why lightskins cant help but stare closely out windows when its raining. Beautiful hooks, lovely features and emotion filled production make this. Then you have him just putting in work on top of that. Rapping his heart out, mixing up flows, singing, lessons and storytelling. Its a really good time. In rotation if you feel anything at all.
8.5/10 – John D.
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