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Cabin Fever – Shabaam Sahdeeq & Nick Wiz

Cabin Fever – Shabaam Sahdeeq & Nick Wiz
Cabin Fever – Shabaam Sahdeeq & Nick Wiz
👍🏾01. Unorthodox
🔥02. Watch Ya’ Mouth f. U.G. Of the Cella Dwellas & DV Alias Khryst
🌊03. Worth It f. LoVel
🔥04. Pegasus
🔥05. Thunderin’
🔥06. The Antidote cuts by DJ JS-1
🔥07. Masterpieces f. Phantasm of the Cella Dwellas
🌊08. Soul Food Sofrito
🔥09. Just Do It
🔥10. Different Era f. R.E.K.S & Ran Reed
🚒11. Do or Die (Circa 1996)
Project is a good time, got that old school classic feel. To further solidify it, it ends with that actually old school track that really hits. This one is a dope collab, the production really fits the emcee and the harmony makes the pacing. Its a nice mix of boom bap love, with some smooth ones and even that like rock influenced opening track. Shabaam is out here rapping, hes not doing nothing crazy technically but the presence, the cadence and delivery give off that veteran energy. This works, its not trying to fit with times or even change the game, its tryna deliver some dope messages, some dope raps and overall some dope music. It does just that, project is a really good time. Kids might not get it if they live off processed foods and sugars but the old heads who still keeping they grandmas and grandpas remedies alive will understand. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.
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