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Anyways, Life’s Great… – GloRilla

Anyways, Life’s Great… – GloRilla
Anyways, Life’s Great… – GloRilla
🚮1. No More Love
🗑3. Tomorrow 2 f. 🌊Cardi B
🚮4. Unh Unh
👎🏾5. Blessed (Feature was sliding)
🚛6. Get That Money f. Niki Pooh
🗑7. Nut Quick
🚛8. F.N.F (Let’s Go) f. Hitkidd
🆗9. Out Loud Thinking
She rap like her traps strong as fuck. No pun intended. Rapping like her top and bottom teeth cant separate. Project is toxic as hell, its that one album that comes out every few months, that charts and is overyhyped, screams payola, but also silently holds lady raps all the way down. To clarify what I mean, this project is like like the WNBA not having dunks, its basketball, but that one little fact will always be a huge separation from the NBA. Its trash, she has to remind you on every song that her pussy good, but then reminds you to ask for money if your man asks for some pussy. Then she says she has a man but has a single girl anthem. Beats are all some southern club shit that just sound like people sweating, features all made her sound more trash. Projects wack, if this what the people really want then I am not the people and am separating myself. Throw this one out.
.5/10 – John D.
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