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Mr Toxic EP – CeeJayBee

Mr Toxic EP – CeeJayBee
Mr Toxic EP – CeeJayBee
🌊1. Does He Know
🔥2. Persevere
👍🏾3. Station
🌊4. Dopeman
🔥5. Hennyland
🔥6. Call Me
Whats good Long Island! The Next Station Is RONKONKOMA. Project is solid, for a 6 piece he showcased a solid amount of promise but you can tell he was just feeling the music more than trying to keep with the times. He sanging sanging his ass off which I think he was doing his thing, I just think for a few songs the mix didn’t bring it as much to life as it should’ve, the last track showcased his voice and the sound he was going for the most. Has a like sad boy eerie, demon time type vibe, production was nice very open to get creative and he did that. The rap side he can work on the delivery a bit more, the content was solid and you can tell the flow idea came first just how he layed it down could use work. Other than that tho solid pacing and just a solid 6 piece, told a story, tho we heard it before he made this one a bit more his. I would spin this a few more times. In rotation.
7.6/10 – John D.
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