The Last Don – Cold Sholda

The Last Don – Cold Sholda

The Last Don – Cold Sholda

????01. The last Don intro

????02. Who you kidden

????03. A prodigy of the mobb

????04. Carlos Rossi

????05. Let’s have a toast (skit)

????06. 100 zips

????07. The corner store

????08. Fila

????09. The Commission vote (skit)

????10. They don’t understand

????11. crowded at the bottom

Italian Mobster Music Without all the Extra Sunday Gravy. This is the Benhurst version of Nas looking out the project window except instead of crack vials on park benches , it’s Sicilian OG’s in Fila velour tracksuits. This was so good it made me break out mine. The beauty of this album is its ability to describe the mobster aesthetic and lifestyle without going overboard and seeming like a goodfellas wanna be. The production is solid boombap with a 90’s flair and the vocals are clean… there’s a lot of descriptive imagery, storytelling and an overall good vibe. This is Benny the Butcher meets Jojo Peligrino. I hate the title, but I love the album. In rotation.

Project: 9/10 || Art: 8/10 – Show

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