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Switch Music – PGF Nuk

Switch Music – PGF Nuk
Switch Music – PGF Nuk
🌊01. Hot Summer Feat. G Herbo
👎🏼02. It’s Nuk
🚮03. Five Guys
🚮04. Turn Yo Shooters Up
👎🏼05. Opps Block
👎🏼06. Switch Music
👎🏼07. Not Opps Feat. EST Gee
👎🏼08. Lil Boyz
🚛09. Button Boyz Feat. BIG30
👎🏼10. Talk My Shit
🆗11. Spin Feat. PGF Glizzy, PGF Tavo, PGF Mooda & PGF Jman
👎🏼12. Saucin
🆗13. Waddup Feat. Polo G
🌊14. What You Doing (Diamonds)
🌊15. Red Eyes
🆗16. Waddup (Swervo Mix) Feat. G Herbo
This album might don’t got it bruh. This music is not for my demographic, but more for those at risk kids who play this music to feel cool around their friends. It has a deceptive start with that G Herbo track being decent, but then it goes downhill from there. It sorta finds its footing towards the end, but by then it’s over and too late to win over any fan that somehow stuck through the 10+ horrible songs to get to that point. The features didn’t really help elevate the album, but it was dope too see the whole crew get together for a posse track. Points for that. Overall, it’s not for me. Don’t recommend this one.
2/10 – RecklessDWR
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