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The Otherside EP – Jake Daniels

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The Otherside EP – Jake Daniels
🔥1. Stalker
🌊2. The Worst
🔥3. Pain
🌊4. Problems
🔥5. Crazy
🔥6. The Otherside
I will say every song has the energy of something that will kick in during an important scene on a female audience targeted Netflix series, maybe even close out an episode or season. I can hear all of this just fueling a TV show or even a series of cringe Tik Toks and I mean that in the best way possible. This is very high quality to the point where if you played this for someone who still watches cable tv or listens to the radio in the car they would swear they heard this on an advertisement. Great quality, the song structure sits in that pocket above industry standard that you know will most likely take him to greater heights. Subject matter is relatable, but also a bit sassy, very high school drama with a pinch of workplace drama. This is catchy, its undeniable, whether its your jam or not if this plays enough in your vicinity you will be singing along at some point. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.
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