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🚒1. Chainsaw
🚒2. Humble and Ignorant
🌊3. Comprehend
🌊4. Majin Buu
🔥5. Unicorn
🔥6. The Bird With No Wings
🔥7. Orangutan f. Chris Webby
🔥8. Pain
🚒9. Dark Sun
Project is a good time, he does allot. This is a great example of trying different things but still showcasing what you have been doing. He mixes it up from singing, to some uplifting white boy get amped typed stuff, to the like underground rappers rapper strange music type track to the more personal deep slow tracks. Shout out to Webby for always being consistent but forever being underrated. Anoyd can rap, it doesn’t get any clearer, he got a dope voice and delivery, he will weave in from some slick talk, to serious talk to haymakers quick. Great metaphors, and just a great set of bags to bounce around from. Pacing is solid, and honestly its short so the replay value is here. Dope release for sure but definitely makes you want more. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.
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