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It’s Only Me – Lil Baby

It’s Only Me – Lil Baby
It’s Only Me – Lil Baby
🔥01. Real Spill
👍🏾02. Stand On It
🔥03. Pop Out f. Nardo Wick
🌊04. Heyy
🌊05. California Breeze
🔥06. Perfect Timing
🔥07. Never Hating f. Young THug
🔥08. Forever f. Fridayy
🌊09. Not Finished
🔥10. In A Minute
🌊11. Waterfall Flow
🌊12. Everything
🔥13. From Now On f. Future
🔥14. Double Down
🌊15. Cost To Be Alive f. Rylo Rodriguez
🌊16. Top Priority
👍🏾17. Danger
🔥18. Stop Playin f. Jeremih
👍🏾19. FR
👍🏾20. Back and Forth f. EST Gee
🌊21. Shiest Talk f. Pooh Shiesty
🔥22. No Fly Zone
🔥23. Russian Roulette
Project is a good time. The only bad thing I have to really say about this is its too long. The length messes with the pacing and exposes the fact that this has throwaways on it. Outside of that, what he does, he does well. The singy rap mumble trap energy is at a high here, its barely mumble, more under his breathe because you can hear him but might have to hit it with that parental, “what did you just say?” for clarity. Subject matter isn’t the most in depth but its honest, a bit repetitive at times but the way its delivered is smooth and undeniable. Its catchy, its mood driven and the features added a nice bit of contrast for the most part. Its celebrity quality so thats good, and honestly the kids will love it, but adults can get jiggy with this shit too. Not bad at all, very entertaining if you are trying to chill, play some 2k, do nothing, or just drive around. Cut the throwaways out of this and you got a great album, but this as is, is just solid. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.
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