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Kiss The Ring – Rome Streetz

Kiss The Ring – Rome Streetz
Kiss The Ring – Rome Streetz
🚒01. Big Steppa
🔥02. Heart On Froze
🔥03. In Too Deep
🔥04. Soulja Boy f. Conway
🔥05. Tyson Beckford
🔥06. Destiny Child
🔥07. Blow 4 Blow f. Stove God Cooks & Benny the Butcher
🚒08. Ugly Balenciaga’s
🔥09. 1000 Ecstasy
🔥10. Armed & Dangerous f. Armani Caesar
🚒11. Cry Champagne
🔥12. Non Factor f. Westside Gunn
🔥13. Long Story Short
🚒14. Serving f. Boldy James
🔥15. Reversible
🚒16. Fashion Rebel
🔥17. Kiss the Ring
Conductor we have a problem! This project is it. You do not have the right to call yourself a hip hop head if you out here saying hip hop is dead and you haven’t listened to this dude. I’m taking your card. With a ski mask on, and a rusty blade to match this projects energy. If you not built for this type of music and listen to it you might end up with that white shit where your lips connect. There is no in between when it comes to who this music is made for, you either are a stand up citizen and bump this on your way to your office job, or you are a criminal. This is just an onslaught of raps, just back to back bars, slick talk, wordplay, clever punches, and that gritty dirty musty shit that we all love silently until its discovered then we get ignorant about it. Features are here, beats were dope, hooks were simple, he did no wrong here. I wont be mad if I see this creep up top 5 lists, just know that it got on the list via crime. Heavy rotation.
9.5/10 – John D.
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