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This Life Made Me EP – Ransom & Mayor

This Life Made Me EP – Ransom & Mayor
This Life Made Me EP – Ransom & Mayor
🔥1. Pain Is Glory
🚒2. Ignorance
🔥3. The Prophecy
💎4. Last Gasp f. 38 Spesh
🔥5. The World Is Yours
🚒6. Purge Night f. Havoc
This is one of those ep’s. This one right here, give me 10 more tracks easily with this same energy and its boxing toe to toe with my album of the year. This my EP of the year. He found the cheat code for haymaking effortlessly whether its lessons, real talk, some battle rap shit, or a hood gems. Features added that extra zing, like having a perfectly matched beverage after a meal that smacks. This is how you do a 6 piece, extra fixings, drink and some beignets. I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with this, the variety of the production, the quality, and that 38 spesh song man. If we lived in smarter times this would change people. In rotation easily.
10/10 – John D.
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