The Heaven Experience, Vol. 1 – Royce da 5’9

The Heaven Experience, Vol. 1 – Royce da 5’9


The Heaven Experience, Vol. 1 – Royce da 5’9
?01. Rock City f. ?Eminem
?02. Hip-Hop
?03. Meeting of the Bosses
?04. Shake This
?05. Part of Me (Why you write this song?)
?06. Tabernacle
?07. Layers f. Pusha T & Rick Ross
?08. Dead President Heads
?09. Caterpillar f. Eminem & King Green
?10. I Play Forever f. Grafh
?11. Black Lives Matter f. Big K.R.I.T.
?12. I’m Good
?13. Made
?14. Right Hand Man f. Black Thought
?15. What a Time f. Courtney Bell & Liz Rodriguez
This is one hell of a compilation album. If you rock with royce because of his new stuff and never really got into the old stuff, this will lead the way. That being said you are going to have some quality inconsistencies and such but its also a great depiction of his growth as an artist, from the earlier tracks where hes rapping in angry voice, to the newer more relaxed calm and calculated vibe of I’m good which im pretty sure is only on this. Project has so much to take from it, just as is or if you are a fan of his catalogue. He can rap, he can tell stars, his punchlines are crazy and he can even harmonize and sing to you if thats what the song needs. This is a heatcheck making sure we know that hes that dude to keep us in check until his next release, and honestly hearing his progression on here, makes me very ready and afraid for whats next. In rotations.
9/10 – John D.


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