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Last Ones Left – 42 Dugg & EST Gee

Last Ones Left – 42 Dugg & EST Gee
Last Ones Left – 42 Dugg & EST Gee
🆗 01. Ice Talk
🌊 02. Thump Shit
🚮 03. I Never Judged You
🚮 04. Spin
👎🏼 05. Skcretch Sum
🆗 06. Free The Shiners
👎🏼 07. All 100s
😴 08. Whole Gang Buss Feat. 42 Cheez, Reaper & Tae Money
😴 09. Free Zoski – EST Gee Feat. BIG30 & EST Zo
🆗 10. Can’t Be Fucked With
👍🏼 11. My Yungin
🆗 12. Everybody Shooters Too
😴 13. Who Hotter Than Gee – EST Gee
🗑 14. Of Course
🌊 15. Never Scared – EST Gee Feat. EST DeMike
👎🏼 16. Strictly For The Gangstas – EST Red
👎🏼 17. Gave It Back
This is an album that would make a deaf person regain his Sense of hearing and turn off this album. Yea this album was not good. Started off iffy, second song gave me promise, and right after that the album went downhill. Pacing does not exist on this album. Just a handful of what sounds like throwaway songs that don’t sound cohesive as a body of work. They all blend together most of the time and even the features don’t do much to save this album. Production was decent, but the subject matter and execution of this project was not it on this one. Overall I’d skip this one bruh bruh.
2/10 – RecklessDWR
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