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Don’t Say Macbeth – Euphonic Aspekt

Don’t Say Macbeth – Euphonic Aspekt
Don’t Say Macbeth – Euphonic Aspekt
🌊01. High Noon f. Eizlo (one flow was off)
🔥02. Powerbomb f. ACT-1
🆗03. Stench of the Severed f. 🚮D-Vour
🌊04. Nightmare Natalie
🔥05. Singularity f. 🚒Blonju
🌊06. Side Hustle f. D. Rotten
🌊07. Burn the Ships f. 🆗Rookslife
👍🏾08. Crashing Waves f. JGC
🔥09. Priority Mail f. High Sunday
🔥10. FAAFO f. Dirty Lint Trap
🚒11. Sour Grapes f. Sinna
🌊12. Sleepwalk Cypher f. 🌊Jerome Duffy, 👎🏾D. Rotten, 🌊Jazz, 🔥Blonju & 🔥Mars Era
🌊13. Outro/F**k yo couch
This was like listening to Euphonic going thru an anime tournament of barkeeper mc’s but instead of wins it turns into good songs and losses into bad but either way he himself never lost me. Every beat on here bops in its own world and it complements the pacing. Mix is consistent but whats more consistent is EA just talking his shit. He got allot to say and a great vocabulary. Dope voice too it all works on here, most the features too. Him and Sinna contrast on this tho is ep worthy. That track fucking goes. Great project all around, if you look at this track listing and don’t know a single soul, but love raps this project is for you. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.
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