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Forgiven Music – Keiran the Light

Forgiven Music – Keiran the Light
Forgiven Music – Keiran the Light
🌊01. New Life
🌊02.Breaking Records f. 🔥Kidd Lee
👍🏾03. New Decisions f. Mike Teezy & Dee-1
🔥04. New Decisions, Pt. 2 f. Jekasole
👍🏾05. Bittersweet f. Isaiah Robin & Christopher Syncere
🔥06. God’s Poet Interlude f. Rob G the General
🔥07. Depend On Me f. Eddie Clark & D.Tall
🚒08. The Fall
👍🏾09. The Come Back f. Pastor John Hannah
🗣10. Dulo Speaks
🌊11. Witchcraft, Pt. 3
Some aggressive Lordt raps. Its not bad its clearly someone who followed the funk volume era type raps and flows in his like 20’s then was saved or even born again and realized he could add it to his raps. Im not mad at it. Most of the bests were dope, he was rappin his ass off and if you disregard some of the aggressive or corny praise parts every now and then you can put this on for sure. Just not in front of niggas niggas because they will immediately spot it. His pen solid tho. He was constantly punching but nothing was crazy. Wish he had more Christian haymakers but it was still solid. Good pacing content type wild on some holy flex stuff. It felt like a bit of a mixtape, now this what i call raps jesus edition. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.
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