Stardust – Yung Lean

Stardust – Yung Lean


Stardust – Yung Lean
??01. Bliss f. ?FKA twigs
?02. Trip
?03. Gold
?04. Starz2therainbow f. Thaiboy Digital
?05. All the Things
?06. Lips f. Skrillex
??07. Paradise Lost f. Ant Wan
?08. Summertime Blood f. Bladee, Ecco2k & Skrillex
?09. Nobody Else
?10. Waterfall
?11. Letting It All Go
??12. Visions (Outro)
This project is absolute dog shit. Imagine if you were in the shower passed midnight singing a song in a language that isn’t your first or even close to your strongest and someone decided to record you over some beats. This is that project. All the shower noises included. The singing is ass, if you wanna call it rapping that shit was ass too, the beats are all passed the point of bubble gum so we gonna call them unicorn farts, and the features all just got paid. What makes me more upset is this isnt even the vibe you get from doing Lean, he should have called himself Yung Molly and pop rocks, or Yung Frolic. This is one of those ones that if you put this on an unsuspected friend or even strangers speakers you would see a very dark side of them. Throw this bullshit way out, ship it to space, burn it, capture its essence and bury it. I promise you it wont get worse than this 2022.
0/10 – John D.


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