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Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers – Kendrick Lamar

Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers – Kendrick Lamar
Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers – Kendrick Lamar
🔥1. United In Grief
👎🏾2. N95
😴3. Worldwide Steppers
😴4. Die Hard ft. Blxst & Amanda Reifer
🔥5. Father Time ft. Sampha
🌊6. Rich (Interlude)
🌊7. Rich Spirit
🔥8. We Cry Together ft. Taylour Paige
👍🏾9. Purple Hearts ft. Summer Walker & Ghostface Killah
🌊1. Count Me Out
🆗2. Crown
🚮3. Silent Hill ft. Kodak Black
🌊4. Savior (Interlude)
🌊5. Savior ft. Baby Keem & Sam Dew
👎🏾6. Auntie Diaries
🌊7. Mr. Morale ft. Tanna Leone
😴8. Mother I Sober ft. Beth Gibbons of Portishead
🌊9. Mirror
Project is like trying to describe Kanye’s fashion. To put it bluntly this project is like watching a one man play with powerful messages but gets kinda strange when the same guy is changing his voice for different characters. I will give him credit for some of the subject matter but outside of that some of the delivery was strange and his voices are strange to me and some of these beats were weak as hell. Some songs suffered with being very boring until the end, especially the more “important ones” specifically the LGBT one and the Child abuse one, as much as the subject was great the delivery just wasn’t and then they all of the sudden pick up. Pacing is feels like a long try hard attempt at struggling between what he addresses, what the world expects him to address, which he addresses and some Kanye esque attempts at art but with less effort. This high key mumble rap that found one of those black book instagrams and bought a few using a coupon. I cant see this one being put on again, for any reason but to find a reason to be apart of a bandwagon. Social media, do as you must but this one is a no for me. Why so much Kodak Black on this? Because he got black in his name?
4.5/10 – John D.
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