Falconia – Robb Bank$

Falconia – Robb Bank$


Falconia – Robb Bank$
?01. The Moment You’ve Been Waiting 4
?02. I Wanna Rock
?03. Diamond w/ Tha Cuts
?04. Shootout
?05. Him Jong-Un
?06. Lifted
?07. Charlotte’s Interlude
??08. HBK
?09. Blitz
?/?10. Conflict-Resolution
?11. Ssertified
?12. Trick, Trina, & Khia (Shout out to GMG)
?13. Frm Jamaica W/ Love
?14. P.I.M.P.
?15. Let’s Get Married
??/?16. Sex Therapy
?117. Long Kiss Goodnight (Outro)
Project got the energy of those cats who immediately take they shirts off before fights, pick up games, and on dance floors. Like someone who hears gunshots and grabs a knife. The pacing fits this description, you have all this violent chaos, pimp shit and flash, then a love song called lets get married followed by the most aggressive sex song ever. He got 3 bags, that wild ignorant shit that I rock with heavy, this boring new age new age bag and this Walmart brand drake bag. I am not mad at it, the production on this one was good for the most part, mad variety, allot of stereo madness so you can wake the public up, just turn it down around children.
Not bad tho this project is very clear with its messages and intentions, nothing to be overly interpreted, he just making shit he like, trying shit, and clearly having a good time but in like a hunter laughing at its kill type way. In rotation.
6.9/10 – John D.


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