Extreme Measures – Dark Lo & Havoc

Extreme Measures – Dark Lo & Havoc

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Extreme Measures – Dark Lo & Havoc

?01. Mob Ties
?02. Lost Innocence
?03. Zombie Land
?04. Extreme Measures (ft Styles P)
?05. Greatest Ever
?06. Reports
?07. Make it Home (ft Vado)
?08. Force of Life
?09. Dirty Work
?10. Captivating
?11. Strong Minded
This shit low key a little sinister and I’m here for it. This is driving around with limo tint and sunglasses at night while hotboxing, just no care for public safety straight menace behavior. Only a couple songs fell a little flat for me other then that production is top tier pacing is solid project is solid.
7.9/10 – JW


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