3AM In Frisco – RAAQEL

3AM In Frisco – RAAQEL

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??1. A Girl IS A Gun
?2. Fakin’ f. Qing Qi
?3. Burrr f. Max91
?4. Feel Alive f. Max91
?5. Smoke and Mirrors
?6. The Hatter f. ?Dead Pharaoh
?7. Peace
Project was solid. She can rap for sure, she def can use a little work when it comes to flows and delivery but the basics are here. Solid voice, features were solid too tho track 6 she got cooked and airplane served by her feature. Production was cool for the most part nothing god tier but nothing bad. The content here is lowkey wild, to keep it a stack its on some shoot people lite type energy which I am not mad at but I think the lax beats and wild content made me want things to go full ignorant but they didnt. Pacing was cool sonically but as far as story wise I wasnt here for it. Overall this a clean 7 piece, made me feel like if she do drop more I am gonna want more structure and a clear message. Solid overall, in rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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