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Twenty 22 – Enkay47

Twenty 22 – Enkay47

Twenty 22 – Enkay47
👍🏽1. Hi My Name Is Nate
🔥2. Monster
👍🏽3. Numb
🌊4. #CancelMe
This was a cool little 4 piece. Nothing crazy. Homey got a good pen he can put bars together and punch which kept me listening. The singing was a little drawn out and boring but I’m not mad at the creativity. The beats were solid and def helped him out a lot like whoever produced this tailored it to him which is a great thing to have in the industry. My only real complaint was the singing and being it was so short couldn’t really get a grasp of who he is but aside from that I rock with the raps. In slight rotation
6.9/10 – LP

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