Cabin Fever – The Odd Pilot

Cabin Fever – The Odd Pilot

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?1. Hy Brasilians f. Mike Titan
?2. Glad You Made It f. Daytona Pro
?3. Another Day f. Terror Van Poo
?4. Upper Brass f. Jahbaz
?5. Center Mass f. Altered States
?6. Love Slaps f. Honey Dinero
?7. Growing Pains f. MIC Murphy
?8. On The One f. Kool Keith
?9. Believe You Me f. Certain Ones
Project is solid. Odd put together some very dope space odyssey type beats for these recruited rappers to go off on. The bad side of this is some of them had no idea what to do with the beats they were giving. Mostly tho rappers understood the assignment, some more than others and when they did it worked, it goes full twilight zone, but when it does not its full on NyQuill. Its very vintage, lot of old school voices, cadences and flows. Not mad at it, this brought me back but also made me realize how much of a nerd I am, I was nostalgic but more so in a cinema way as opposed to a hip hop way. Its a good time, refreshingly old school and has a nice theme and pacing. Just gotta get rid of those boring ones. Young cats gonna hate this. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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