Most Hated – A-Wax

Most Hated – A-Wax

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?01. F-12
?02. Digi Scale
??03. Not Good (Peso-Peso)
?04. Anyway It Goes
?05. Amused
??06. Defeated
?07. Dustpan (feat. RMC Mike)
?08. Abrasions
?09. Free Snoop
?10. Cliff Hanger
?11. Bag Up (feat. King Iso)
??12. Rollys On
??13. Shooting Buckers (feat. Julio Foolio)
?14. Counterfeit
?15. Kool Whip (feat. Peso-Peso)
Let’s get the bad out the way first. The singing tracks messed up the pacing in a major way. The features either helped or could’ve been left off and some of the hooks were generic at best. The good? When he’s rapping he’s really sliding on these beats and he has a unique wordplay that makes him both relatable and engaging. If this whole album was him sliding like the intro and outro this would be an easy listen but the pacing was such a roller coaster that it takes away from his talent. I’d say take half these songs and throw out the rest and you have a solid rotation.
6.9/10 – LP


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