Perfect Timing – theBlakeMelvinshow

Perfect Timing – theBlakeMelvinshow

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?1. Freestyle
??2. Drop Top
?3. Dollhouse
?4. Studio
?5. Facetious
?6. After Hour
?7. Last Call
Project aint bad. I can overlook the fact that its on soundcloud and was uploaded sloppier than a early 2000’s rapper who overlooked changing the song titles from the actual file names. Sound wise, I was vibing it had a hint of old Childish, Schoolboy and like Chance the rapper type feel. He has a crazy voice and was rapping regardless of the unstability of the mix. Production wasnt terrible either had a mix of some very upbeat type youtube instrumentals and he was all over the place but in a good way. He dipped into genres but not all of them worked. The potential is here for sure just gotta clean some things up, starting with the track list, keep the songs in the oven a bit and make your way to all streaming.
6/10 – John D.


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