Very Little Gun Sounds – Money Mogly

Very Little Gun Sounds – Money Mogly

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Very Little Gun Sounds – Money Mogly

?01. Bullethole Buicks
?02. Wolfy Gang
?03. CHAMBERS SQUARE f. Art Morera & Joey DaSilva
?04. Never Givin
?06. 46 Wxlvez
?07. Alphonso Cappuchino Gives a Pep Talk
?08. Fire Work
?09. Wilder Beasts
??10. Al Capochino Sings a Love Song
??11. Outro At the Government Center
Project is fire. Off rip from hearing his cadence and confidence you know hes about to start spazzing. The one bad I can say about this project is the pacing, it really holds up until the last 3 songs, they throw off the vibe but I get what he was tryna do. Outside of that you got a dope harmony between someone who can fucking spit finding some fire production that matched his energy. He got a Game mixed with Wale type vibe, hint of Jim Jones but by all means hes telling street stories and not name dropping. This one that hip hoppers gonna love and new agers can hate on. In rotation for sure.
8/10 – John D.


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