Hell’s Kitchen – Polar

Hell’s Kitchen – Polar

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?1. Rise
?2. Hell’s Kitchen
??3. Pressure
??4. Interlude
?5. Cocky
?6. Can’t Quit
?7. Demons
Project was cheeks. Its the equivalent to walking around NYC at night and having a conversation with a bum trying to convince you he is about that life and is from the streets, like bro you just sleep on it relax. Production was ok, sounds like something someone with passion strung together on DAW they purchased on black friday with a solid drum machine. Then you have him spitting a mix of looney tune gangsta, or decent heartfelt stuff but in the most stiff fashion, not to mention whoever mixed this only had like 4 plugins in they bag and whether they came with the software or not the engineer got his moneys worth. Allot of work can done to boost this one because you can hear the love and passion just gotta turn up the skill and experience. I am preparing myself for the comment hate or DM shenanigans now.
1/10 – John D.


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