Dreaming Lucid – Onaje Jordan & Whichcraft

Dreaming Lucid – Onaje Jordan & Whichcraft

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??1. Divine Avatars
??2. Open Your Eyes
?3. Begin With Me
??4. Let It Breathe
?5. Rabbit Hole f. Loch Jester
?6. Super Natural
??7. Cosmos
??8. Endagered
First song fucked me up, came in HOT with that Shiva, Vishnu, Miracle Spiritual Lyrical’ness and then hit me with a Karaoke I can see clearly now the rain is gone, wont lie I gasped. It doesn’t stop from there, he raps about the cosmos, probably calculus and a few other things that have minimum 8 syllables. Its exhausting, then he mixes in some very sharp singing that just shocks you, he even had a fellow scientist feature join him in spitting this shit at us. Theres messages and meaning amongst the word salad with a syllable dressing its just too much, its like a college professor stiffly rapping an entire lesson to you with no breaks, theres no flair or anything that makes you want to listen. The structure of it all even the songs themselves is jarring like a child stringing together crashing sounds from different toys. Pass on this one for sure, production was dope but raps need to incorporate more food than medicine for balance.
2/10 – John D.


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