Wreckage Manner – Styles P & Havoc

Wreckage Manner – Styles P & Havoc

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wreckage Manner – Styles P & Havoc

?01. F**k Around
?02. Move How We Wanna
?03. Fiend For
?04. Pay Me in Cash
?05. 21 Gun Salute
?06. YO 2 QB
?07. Havoc and the Ghost
?08. Good as Gold
?09. Hymn to Him
?10. Nightmares 2 Dreams
After seeing this old head ass cover art, I knew this shit was about to slap. Slap it does, this project has what every hip hopper needs to end the year. Top tier production, them loops that make you wanna rap in the car, and 2 vets just sparring. They talking real shit, street shit, vet shit and I was here for it all. You got Havoc just sliding and Styles just punching aggressively. After this finished my whole wardrobe was up 2 sizes and my cabinets had sea moss tablets in it. This highkey made me realize at my age that I need more of my childhood heroes and hip hop vets to do collab projects like this. In heavy rotation.
8.9/10 – John D.


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