Electric Sheep – Truck North

Electric Sheep – Truck North

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??01. Simsimsalibim
?02. Electric Sheep
?03. Chasing Ghost
??04. Richie Sambora
??05. Better Living
?06. Fall from Grace
??07. Villains Theme
?08. Gunpowder
??09. Babyface
??10. Puddles of Mud
?11. American Carnage
?12. Home Is
?13. Trainspotting
?14. Strobelite
??15. The Blackest Sabbath
?16. Some Days
?17. Vine to the Wine
This guy can rap his ass off. And he staying far away from the gimmicks/standards that the industry goes by. Can definitely hear Black Thoughts influence heavy on the flow & subject matter. This project has amazing production and for the most part he flowed effortlessly, I just got bored from time to time cause the flow doesn’t vary much or match the instrumental to me. Overall, good project just too long to not vary much in flow. Would have made an amazing ep to choose the top 7 but nonetheless still enjoyable if your hear for bars. I’d come back to maybe 2 joints.
5.5/10 – Tr3


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