Every Bad Day Has Good News – Radamiz

Every Bad Day Has Good News – Radamiz

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?01. The Price f. Heave Williams
?02. Ash Wednesday
?03. Beautiful Man f. Big E
?04. God’s +1
?05. Like (Zagazig) f. Like
?06. Spades (with Devin Tracy)
?07. Healing Takes Time (with Topaz Jones)
?08. One World f. Like
?09. Apple Heads
?10. Caterpillar (with Marlon Craft)
?11. Humbly, Respectfully, F**k You! f. History
?12. Ducking an Omen
?13. B What U Want In Life
Album is dope front to back. This got raps, production, pacing, food and medicine. All of it was dope, features too. He didnt need them but when they came through they raised the tracks overall quality. Its super dope. Like a few steps above those under the radar complete rap albums that the new age hates to acknowledge. Dudes voice is dope his content is dope his delivery cadence and pen all shine. To add to that the production is top tier and the variety is here too. Project is for cats who always remind you that they showed you an artists when they even here a clip of that artist in the background of your instagram stories. In rotation for sure project is dope.
9/10 – John D.


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